Software Development

Vision to be premier Software Developer and Training Company with continuing the excellent and accurate services.


To meet your company needs, time frame and budget we offer enterprise information system development, as well as off-the-shelf packages customization.

With broad technical expertise and industry experience make us to be a one-stop provider for Information System development. We offer a wide range of enterprise software solutions including but not limited to:

* Webapplication (Intranet/Extranet, Enterprise portal)
* Enterprise resource management (ERP)
* Customer relationship management (CRM)
* Credit Collection System (CCS)
* Enterprise content management (ECM)
* Supply chain management (SCM)
* Knowledge management
* Workflow and project management
* Human resource management
* Business Intelligence
* Website Development

We believe that companies of all sizes can benefit from the latest IT solutions in business management. Our extensive experience in software development for small and medium sized business allows us to provide you with comprehensive and scalable solutions which meet your business current and future needs. With Vigshakri, you get an enterprise information management solution which can be adjusted and enhanced as your business grows.

We use the best-of-breed information technologies and industry best practices to ensure the top quality of our enterprise information solutions

Outsource enterprise information software development to Vigshakri – contact us today to get a free quote and further information.